Ever feel like you can’t go to sleep?  If you are like me I hit the pillow and lay there thinking about stuff…where should I eat lunch tomorrow in Lake Forest…list of stuff I still need to do…did I put the dog out…why was my wife upset with me…you get the point. I have read all the stuff on making sure there is no light in the room, don’t drink coffee ☕️ late in the day. You have all read this stuff. What works for me is I use my iPhone and ear buds. I listen to a movie I know all the lines too and fall asleep.  Gaurdians of the Galaxy works for me. This way I don’t need watch it. I darken it out and just listen. It keeps my mind clear of the junk. Then I fall asleep. At least until my wife elbows me for snoring 😴 then I have to start all over again. This works for me at least 😉. Good night!  #missionhillschiropractic #DrTimGooing