Tinnitus!  What is it?  Simple answer is it is an annoying noise in your ear. Some describe it as a ringing or a humming. Sometimes loud or muffled. Always annoying I understand. Thank goodness I don’t have it. My wife thinks I have a hearing problem. I went to get a hearing test at Costco. My wife was sitting behind me. After the test the tech said my hearing was fine…my wife hit me in the back of the head. “Ouch what was that for?”  “For not listening to me!”  Anyways I had a patient in to see me today that has tinnitus after an accident. She told me the only thing that helps it go down in volume is getting her neck adjusted. If you have questions on how that can help give us a call.   #missionhillschiropractic #drgooing #drstutzman #drjawanda